Jason A. Dixon inspires young people to trade in their goods for greats by empowering them to use their time, talent, and energy to make their dreams a reality.

His story is proof that achieving greatness is about discovering and developing your gift and then having the courage, commitment, and conviction to share it with the world to positively impact others.

Not only does Coach Jason use his gift as a motivational speaker to influence young people in middle school, high school, and college. He also helps them realize the power they possess and understand the true meaning of greatness.

His extraordinary messages remind audiences of this: “There is a leader inside of everyone and the moment you decide to chase your dreams is the day you meet the leader within.”

“Trading in your goods for greats is all about leading the way with your time, talent, and energy. Each day is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself by living with purpose and passion.” Coach Jason tells his audience.

Born with a rare disability that affected his fine motor skills and coordination, Coach Jason decided to defy the odds and not allow his condition to define him.

He knows firsthand what it takes to rise from the ashes, break cycles, and lead. While growing up in Toledo, Ohio, Coach Jason bravely continued to dream.

He went on to become a first-generation college graduate. Following that, his professional achievements included working as a sportswriter, coaching high school and college basketball, and serving as an educator and mental health specialist.

In 2007, Coach Jason’s speaking career began to help young people become all that they are capable of becoming. Despite dark days, his vision endowed him with the internal fortitude to keep pressing on.

With each speech, he encourages audiences to do the same and speaks in a way that empowers young people to believe that greatness truly does live inside them.

He tells his audiences, “You have to be tougher than the obstacles that stand in your way, stronger than the negative words people might say, and crazy enough to believe your dreams will come true someday.”