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The Coach Me Up Monday Blog is the perfect playbook for the person looking to empower young people. Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, Coach Jason and his team of writers publish articles that engage, educate, and equip adults to help young people succeed and win the game of life.


By Jason A. Dixon | June/1/2020 | Comments: 0 | Category: Faith Based,

As a God-fearing African American man and follower of Jesus, I want to take this moment to reflect on the side of George Floyd, we haven’t heard much about. I want to highlight how his faith in Jesus helped give him a new purpose and direction in life. I want to paint a picture of […]

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By Jason A. Dixon | April/20/2020 | Comments: 0 | Category: Faith Based,

Tears fell from the little girl’s eyes and down her face when she saw the opponent score against her team. Just as her head started to fall in disappointment, the father put his arms around his daughter’s shoulders. “Lift your head and look at the scoreboard,” the father said. The little girl raised her head, […]

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By Jason A. Dixon | April/13/2020 | Comments: 0 | Category: Human Interest,

I received a call last week from a college student I have been mentoring.He immediately started complaining about all the work his professor is making him do to get the grade he needs to graduate. “It’s just too much,” He said. After he calmed down, I attempted to put things in perspective, speaking his language. […]

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