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Positive Presence Mentor Coaching

Coach Jason works as a certified Mentor Coach through Positive Presence, which is the largest life coaching company in North America for Teens and Young Adults ages 15-28.

The mission of Positive Presence is to give all Teens and Young Adults the support they desire without any of the barriers and limitations of traditional, face-to-face services. The exclusive virtual presence allows Coach Jason to work with Teens and Young Adults around the globe to ensure a perfect partnership.

As a part of the Positive Presence team, Coach Jason utilizes an innovative approach and provides confidential support for Teens and Young Adults to help them gain the tools needed to lead their best life.

Mentor Coaching Curriculum:

The S.E.L.F. Philosophy stands for SELF Empowerment, SELF Reliance, SELF Esteem, and SELF Confidence. The Positive Presence belief is that personal growth always starts with SELF. The four layers of the system – Soul, Energy, Love, and Fulfillment – allow Coach Jason to awaken the greatness inside of Teens and Young Adults so they can begin a life-long journey of discovery and self-mastery.

Core Coaching Pillars:                                                                                               

(P)rotect:** Positive Presence provides a shield of validation and support reinforcing authenticity, self-esteem, and positive self-talk.
(I)nspire**: Positive Presence inspires their students with their own anecdotes of success, failure, relationships, and more.
(L)isten:** Positive Presence follows a client-led approach and always listens and empathizes FIRST.
(L)ift:** During hard times, Positive Presence offers emotional support needed to encourage a more positive mindset.
(A)bide:** Positive Presence provides a fully attentive, non-judgmental, unwavering source of support, and abides by that code AT ALL TIMES.
(R)ally**: Positive Presence uplifts and empowers Teens and Young Adults through the good and the bad times, instilling strength and celebrating victories.                                                                                         

Teens and Young Adults working with Coach Jason through the Positive Mentor Coaching Program receive:

  • A Six-Month Minimum Commitment
  • Two 1-Hour Private Online Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • A Personalized Coaching Board – 24/7 Access to Your Private, Custom Coaching Board with an Abundance of Coaching Resources, Links, and Recordings
  • 24/7 Private Access to Coach Jason – All Positive Presence Teens and Young Adults receive 24/7 private access to their coach through our coaching app for the length of their coaching
  • All Virtual Sessions are on Zoom.

Positive Presence Mentor Coaching Packages: 

(1) * 2 Coaching Sessions Per Month | 6 Months | $250.00 Per Month

(2) * 2 Coaching Sessions Per Month | 12 Months | $230.00 Per Month

(3) * 4 Coaching Sessions Per Month | 6 Months | $430.00 Per Month

(4) * 4 Coaching Sessions Per Month | 12 Months | $400.00 Per Month




The Enrich Meeting is a time to speak with the responsible party to:

  • Learn more about Positive Presence Global and Coach Jason
  • Discuss the difference between therapy and mentorship
  • Learn about the Teen or Young Adult’s specific needs
  • Discuss the parent’s perspective about the Teen or Young Adult – (areas of concern, type of support wanted, etc.)
  • Address how Coach Jason can specifically help the Teen or Young Adult based on the areas of improvement per the parent
  • Explain the program in detail and address questions about the budget and tools provided

If you are ready to see how working with Coach Jason will benefit your Teen or Young Adult, there are two ways to proceed:

(1) You can contact the Positive Presence Global Sales Team directly to set up an Enrich Meeting:

  • Phone Number: 1-855- 905-0935
  • Email:
  • Website:


(2) You can complete the Coaching Application and the Enrich Meeting Form and Coach Jason will contact you directly.



    Coach Me Up Academy is a life coaching program designed to propel middle school, high school, and college student-athletes to reach their emotional, mental, and physical peak performance. CMU Academy incorporates concepts, tools, and strategies from its Path 2 Greatness Curriculum to prepare student-athletes to achieve their highest levels of success personally, academically, and athletically. Each CMU Academy session will consist of seven classes that encourage, educate, equip, and empower student-athletes. They will learn to set achievable goals, create action plans, embrace accountability, lead more effectively, and gain greater self-awareness.

    Coach Me Up Academy Outline

    • Each session will consist of 5 classes, lasting 120 mins.
    • Each class will take place on Sunday’s from 2:30-4:30 PM EST.
    • CMU Academy will take place on Zoom Video Conferencing; therefore, student-athletes will need access to a computer or phone.
    • CMU Academy Sessions will be open to 50 student-athletes. Team or Group CMU Academy Sessions: 3 Classes ($2,000.00) | 4 Classes ($2,500.00) | 5 Classes ($3,000.00) – Classes are 2 hours.
    • Each student-athlete will have unlimited text and email support to help with accountability, motivation, and encouragement during their sessions. Student-athletes will also receive motivational videos and assignments that focus on character development and personal growth.
    • After each class, Coach Jason will follow up with an email to the parents describing the class and summarizing what took place.
    • Parents will have unlimited access to Coach Jason via phone, text, or email if you have questions.
    • Student-athletes who complete their session will have an opportunity to participate in the CMU Academy Graduation Ceremony and receive a Certificate and T-Shirt.
    • Cost: $350.00 Per Student-Athlete (Breaks down to $70.00 per class) – Participants can pay in full or two installments.

    Choose your Coach Me Up Academy Session and sign up now!

    Session 1 – College Student-Athletes

    Starts on May 2, 2021, | Deadline to Register: April 18, 2021

    Dates: 5/2/21, 5/9/21, 5/16/21, 5/23/21, 5/30/21


    Session 2 – High School Student-Athletes (9th-12th)

    Starts on August 1, 2021, | Deadline to Register: July 18, 2021

    Dates: 8/1/21, 8/8/21, 8/15/21, 8/22/21, 8/29/21


    Session 3 – Middle School Student-Athletes

    Starts on October 24, 2021, | Deadline to Register: September 19, 2021

    Dates: 10/3/21, 10/10/21, 10/17/21, 10/24/21, 10/31/21




      “How do I have a greater impact on my teen?” A parent asked Coach Jason that question one day, and ever since then, he has been on a mission to encourage, educate, and empower parents of teens. Let’s face it: raising teens in this day and age is a tall task. That’s why Coach Jason is here to help parents stay in the loop, build better relationships, and look for signs as it relates to teens today.

      Parent Coaching University is a program designed to support parents and equip them with tools and strategies that will significantly impact their teens. PCU will help parents take on a coaching role vs. a directive dictator role during the complicated teen years.

      Parent Coaching University will help you:

      • Create open and honest conversations with your teen
      • Communicate more effectively with your teen
      • Understand your teen
      • Guide your teen
      • Create a safe, approachable, and close relationship with your teen
      • Discover who you are and who your teen is
      • Create a safe and positive home environment
      • Connect with your teen
      • Develop a long-lasting influence in your teen’s life
      • Help your teen stand on his/her own two feet

      Parent Coaching University enrollees will receive:

      • Monthly video sessions meetings with Coach Jason, the PCU Coaching Staff, guest speakers, and other parents in PCU
      • Monthly Newsletters
      • Monthly inspirational and motivational videos
      • A private Facebook community where you can share and discuss topics, ask questions, share success stories, and gain support from other PCU participants
      • T-Shirt, Certification, and access to monthly giveaways
      • Unlimited access to Coach Jason via phone, text, or email

      Registration for Parent Coaching University’s 2021 Class will begin January 1, 2021, and end April 15, 2021.

      Parent Coaching University Cost: (1st Quarter Registration) $500.00 if participants register between January 1, 2021-January 31, 2020 – (2nd Quarter Registration) $525.00 if participants register between February 1, 2021-February, 2021 – (3rd Quarter Registration) $575.00 if participants register between March 1, 2021-March 31, 2021 – (4th Quarter Registration) $650.00 if participants register between April 1, 2021-April 15, 2021.

      * Coach Jason will charge couples that register in Parent Coaching University together one registration fee.