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Coach Jason is on a mission to inspire students to trade in their goods for greats by equipping them to realize and reach their potential. He spent his middle school and high school years struggling to fit in and find his identity. Enduring those hardships and challenges makes him the perfect person to guide students through one of the most complicated stages of their lives. Coach Jason believes every young person possesses the gift of greatness and his passionate and powerful messages teach them how to use their talents to impact the world around them and win in the game of life.


MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION: Do your students need to hear a powerful message that makes them laugh, think, and cry? As one of the top speakers for middle school and high school students, Coach Jaso n has a unique ability to motivate, inspire, and capture hearts and minds. He engages and leaves audiences on the edge of their seats with a compelling story that hits close to home. Then, he gets students ready to win in school and the game of life by providing them with hope and the fuel to chase their dreams like never before. 

STUDENT SUCCESS: For students to stay focused and engaged throughout the educational process, they must be encouraged, equipped, and empowered. Coach Jason delivers a positive and uplifting message that makes a difference. He helps students understand the importance of having a “what, why, and how.” He shares with audiences, “Those three things will guide you on the road to realizing your potential, running your race, and reaching your goals.”  

SCHOOL CULTURE: Coach Jason knows what it takes for schools to win. It’s a team working together to reach a common goal. “Every school is like a team, and the only way that team can succeed is when everyone works to reach a common goal,” Coach Jason tells audiences. With this message, Coach Jason helps schools establish a positive culture by sharing his four core pillars: trust, respect, kindness, and cooperation.   

FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE: Coach Jason recognizes the difficulty many students experience when going from junior high to high school. That’s why his message to ninth graders is highly effective. Displaying his trademark passion, energy, and humor, Coach Jason equips ninth graders with the tools to successfully transition into their first year of high school. If you want your incoming high school freshmen to thrive in a new environment, Coach Jason has the playbook that will get them ready to win.  

FAITH-BASED: Coach Jason is committed to helping students learn how to BRAGG – Boldly Represent A Great God. He not only inspires and encourages students to live out their faith in Christ, but he also motivates and empowers them to utilize their time, talent, and energy to advance the kingdom of God. Coach Jason’s passion, energy, and humor connect while his powerful testimony and personal stories captivate. Sharing a message rooted in Biblical truth, hope, and love, Coach Jason prepares students to run the race set before them, do greater works, and BRAGG in the process. 



Coach Jason triumphed over many obstacles en route to becoming a first-generation college graduate. Sharing the lessons he learned along the way is just one reason why his message connects and resonates with college students. Coach Jason challenges them to utilize their college experience as the springboard that catapults them into achieving the highest level of success. A former college basketball coach, Coach Jason understands how to motivate and inspire college students to discover their greatness, unlock their passion, purpose, power, and potential and pursue their dreams.


MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION: Coach Jason went from nearly being kicked out as freshmen to keeping his promise and becoming a first-generation college graduate. While sharing his triumphant story, he talks about the highs and lows experienced during his college journey with transparency. He engages, encourages, and educates. Then he empowers college students to look deep within to discover their greatness and become who they are capable of becoming. If your college students need a momentum shift in school and life, Coach Jason will motivate and inspire them during this passionate and powerful message.       

STUDENT SUCCESS: What is the definition of student success? Is it getting good grades? Is it steady progress toward graduation? For Coach Jason, student success is about experiencing a holistic sense of fulfillment. In this message, he shares strategies and secrets that motivate, inspire, and empower students to redefine “the college experience” and elevate their expectations. “You are not just here to graduate,” Coach Jason tells audiences. “You are here to change the world.” After hearing Coach Jason’s call to action, college students will be ready to embark upon their journey toward not only achieving success but also creating a legacy.     

CAMPUS CULTURE: Coach Jason understands how critical it is to have a campus culture that fosters students’ growth, promotes respectful engagement, and prepares graduates to function well in a diverse society and a globally interdependent world. His thought-provoking, engaging, and inspiring message captivates and compels students to become more reflective about their cultural backgrounds and better understand and respect others. Coach Jason equips students for moral and civic development by using teachable moments to help them deal constructively and sort through competing interests within a community. He is adept at getting students to recognize their potential and level up. His campus culture message empowers students as change agents and prepares them to use their time, talent, and energy to create a lasting impact and leave a legacy.

FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE: Coach Jason knows how difficult the transition from high school to college can be. Whether it’s moving away from home, choosing a major, making new friends, or adjusting to newly found freedom, the list can be endless. That’s why Coach Jason loves equipping first-year students with the skills, tools, and knowledge to not just successfully make the transition to college, but be on a mission to achieve greatness. During this engaging, educational, and empowering message, Coach Jason shares personal stories and practical advice that will motivate and inspire students to take the steps toward conquering their first-year experience.

FAITH-BASED: Coach Jason’s passion and conviction are rooted in Biblical truth, faith, and love. He is committed to helping college students display their love for Jesus by inspiring them to live like Jesus. His powerful testimony and personal stories connect with college students’ hearts, and his sound teaching engages their minds. Coach Jason’s call to reach college students comes from a pure desire to motivate and inspire a generation of young adults to BRAGG – Boldly Represent A Great God – by utilizing their time, talent, and energy to do greater works and advance the kingdom of God.    



All of the years working in athletics has taught Coach Jason that sports are the ultimate metaphor for life. So, when he speaks to athletes, his goal is to help them become champions in both. Bringing a wealth of experience, energy, and passion, Coach Jason is a masterful teacher and a powerful motivator whose uplifting messages resonate and produce results. Whether he’s talking to middle school, high school, college, or professional athletes, Coach Jason empowers them to pursue greatness by providing strategies that will instill confidence, enhance performance and create a winning mindset.


MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION: Coach Jason knows what it takes to commit yourself in the pursuit of success and the sacrifices that come with it. So when he delivers his message to athletes, he motivates them to pursue greatness and inspires them to believe they can achieve it. Coach Jason understands how to get athletes to put their best foot forward and give it their all in any situation. Whether he is speaking to middle school, high school, college, or professional athletes, Coach Jason leaves a lasting impact while empowering them to perform at a peak level and produce results.

TEAM BUILDING: In over 15 years of working with athletic programs at various levels, Coach Jason has learned that talent without teamwork equals trouble. The art of getting a group of individuals to come together as one is not an easy task, but Coach Jason has created a winning formula for helping teams build a solid foundation, maximize their collective potential, and establish a winning culture. His Team Building Blueprint helps individuals unlock their potential and allows programs to reach new heights by focusing on seven factors. Coach Jason takes the complex process of Team Building and simplifies it with an engaging and skillfully crafted message that educates, equips, empowers, and gives new meaning to the saying, “together everyone accomplishes more.”

TEAM CULTURE: A key element behind creating a great team culture is establishing a compelling purpose, Coach Jason believes. You cannot force athletes to take part in a team. They need a desire to belong and contribute, which is what a strong team culture reinforces. Coach Jason understands what it takes to build a culture that produces sustainable results and empowers everyone in the program to take ownership and leadership roles. Whatever situation your team is in, Coach Jason explains the nuts and bolts of building an excellent team culture and strategies for implementing it.

MENTAL HEALTH: Coach Jason shares his journey and expertise during this motivational and inspirational message that breaks the stigma surrounding mental health in sports. His main goal is to encourage, educate, and equip athletes. But he also helps them learn how to see signs, seek help, and embrace support. That’s how this message brings resilience to the forefront and empowers athletes with a greater sense of hope and optimism. “Prioritizing your mental health is not a sign of weakness. It is a gateway to you reaching new heights of success personally, academically, and athletically,” Coach Jason tells audiences.  

FAITH-BASED: The world of sports can be a difficult place to own and rep your faith in God. However, Coach Jason delivers a motivational and inspiring message that encourages athletes to not only compete for championships but also compete for Christ. During his time in athletics, Coach Jason’s faith was the foundation for his success. Through his powerful testimony, personal stories, and a message rooted in Biblical truth, Coach Jason fuels the belief of athletes. He encourages them to shine for Christ and achieve God’s standard of greatness.