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Elementary School Counselor Finds Success Following Her Passion and God’s Plan

Bridgette Holmes is no stranger to hard work, perseverance, and resilience because those are traits she had to display as the youngest of seven siblings while growing up in Toledo, Ohio. And after 19 years in education, she is still determined and driven by the same attitude that guided her as a youth.

“I remember my pastor preaching a sermon, and his topic was, “I can do better,” Ms. Holmes said. I was like, that’s it. That’s my slogan. So, I’m working on doing better at this point in my life.”

Before Ms. Holmes planned to become an educator and do better in life, the 1998 Woodward High School graduate wanted to produce music.

Those plans changed after being offered a scholarship to attend the University of Toledo.

At the time, Ms. Holmes was the only one in her family who went straight to college after high school, providing extra motivation throughout her college journey. “I knew I just had to do it,” she said. “Never once did I think I couldn’t do it. I had to finish.”

She went on to earn degrees in Education and Integrated Social Studies from UT and a master’s degree in school counseling from Bowling Green State University. No matter how tough the job gets, Ms. Holmes never loses sight of why she does it.

“What keeps me inspired and motivated is that one day, a student will come back and tell me how I inspired them to do great things,” she said.


Jason A. Dixon has developed into one of the top youth motivational speakers and leading voices for middle school, high school, and college students by combining a mission-driven passion and a powerful message. A former sportswriter, Coach Jason left behind his journalism career in 2007 and embarked on a path that would allow him to impact young people more significantly. After serving as a high school and college basketball coach, behavioral health specialist, and educator, Coach Jason started Inspire 2 Reach Higher, a youth motivational speaking company, in 2013. His informational, insightful, and inspiring content has been shaped by his journalism experience and years of writing the untold stories of students and the adults who care about them.
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