You Speak Now Fall 2022

Competition Information

Are you a student who loves to motivate and inspire others? Do you have a powerful message or personal story? Are you ready for the world to hear your voice? If so, then You Speak Now is for you!

You Speak Now is a premier youth speaking competition for students in middle school and high school.YSN provides an opportunity for talented speakers to go heart to heart and share their passion on stage for a chance to win an amazing prize package and uplift the audience.

The goal of YSN is to have students share personal, motivational, and inspirational messages that move and empower people within the theme.

What’s in it for the YSN contestants?

  • Grand Prize
  • Prize Package
  • Exposure to experienced professionals
  • Creative Expression
  • The thrill of competition
  • Opportunity to connect with other passionate student speakers

YSN Contest Details:

  • 10 Speakers for each division – Middle School (6th-8th) and High School (9th-12th)
  • 4-6 minutes originally prepared speech on all three themes
  • Contestants are scored out of 100 points in each round by all three YSN judges. The top six scorers from the 1st round will advance. The top three from the 2nd round will advance to the championship. In the championship, the three contestants will give their 4-6-minute prepared speech and a 3-minute impromptu speech. The contestant with the highest total score in the final round wins the YSN Championship.

Criteria to compete in YSN:

  • Middle School (must currently be in 6th-8th grade), High School (must currently be in 9th-12th grade)
  • Provide a headshot, a video explaining why you would be a good selection for YSN (no longer than 2 minutes), and fill out the registration form.
  • Compliance to the timing and format of the event
  • Good to above-average speaking skills
  • $50 registration fee – $150 entry fee (only if you are selected as one of the top 10)
  • Mandatory meeting for the contestants prior to the event
  • 4-6 minutes of originally prepared speeches on all three themes

You Speak Now Judging Criteria